Our Easycrate Range

Our Easycrate Range

Which crates suit you best

Choose the crate that matches your needs. If you aren’t exactly sure, don’t worry – just give our team of experts a call and we will match the crate type to the type of items you need to transport. Remember we are entirely flexible on crate numbers and rental periods – we will put together an easy hire package just for you.

You can choose from:

CC3 Standard Crates

EasyCrate Standard Crate

There is nothing standard about our most popular crate! Incredibly versatile and can be used to transport a wide variety of items. The crate can hold between 6 - 8 lever arch files at a time.

When should you use this crate?

These crates are great for general use as they are easy to lift and move but big enough to pack quickly and easily.

Delivery charge: £35.00

Size: L:635×W:410×H:325mm

CC1 Computer Crates

EasyCrate Computer Crate



These handy crates are purpose built for safely moving IT equipment such as computers and laptops. For ultimate protection, we have customised foam inserts that can be placed into the crates to provide extra padding which will absorb knocks and bumps. This crate can comfortably hold a 21 inch computer screen, the computer, keyboard and mouse, keeping a workstation together in a single crate.

When should you use this crate?

These crates are ideal when you want to pack up a desktop pc or workstation. They are incredibly easy and quick to pack and the specialised foam inserts give you increased peace of mind.

Delivery charge: £35.00

Size: L:635×W:535×H:590mm

CC6 Metre Crates

Our Metre Crate

Our longest crate, this aptly named crate is a metre in length and is well suited to transporting larger or more bulky items. This crate can hold between 10 - 12 lever arch files or a metre length of suspension files.

When should you use this crate?

This crate can safely transport entire shelves of files or archive folders. Its length makes it ideal for items that need to be stacked or packed together in a sequence such as files, documents, manuals, or records.

Delivery charge: £35.00

Size: L:1050×W:425×H:340mm


For more information about EasyCrate, please contact us or call us on 0800 027 2665.