Crate Hire Packages

Easycrate offers convenient crate hire moving packages with all you need to get your business moving. WIth appropriate types of crates, computer covers and even a sackbarrow to move your crates when full, these are great options when you are looking to cover every detail at the best possible price.

Our 10 staff Crate Hire Moving Package includes:

  • 50 x EC3 - Standard Lidded Crate
  • 10 x EC1 - Computer Lidded Crate
  • 10 x Foam Crate Liner
  • 10 x ECFCS - Computer Screen Cover
  • 10 x Bubble Keyboard and Mouse Bags
  • 100 x ECL - Labels
  • 100 x ECS - Security Seals

Usual cost: £102.4

Moving Package cost: £87

£22 saving! We also offer greater discounts for larger numbers. You can see our crate range here.

To book your moving package please click here to get a quote or call us on 0800 027 2665.