3 Tips For Moving On A Budget

3 Tips For Moving On A Budget

Do you have a commercial move coming up? SAVE MONEY by following these 3 simple tips;

1. Schedule Your Moving Date

If you’re looking to use specialist movers - get quotes and compare the prices and check what’s included in the moving package. One important detail to check with moving companies are their peak dates. Some dates will cost significantly higher than other dates.

NB: If possible, choose off peak dates to score the best rates and save more on the pounds (£).

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2. Consider Moving Yourself

If you’re moving on a smaller scale and don’t mind doing some heavy lifting, you could contemplate doing it yourself with some help from members of staff. Do an inventory, set a date and organise your crate hire. Don’t forget to label the crates with the Easycrate Easypeel labels.

3. Rent Fast, Stress Free Plastic Crate Hire!

An alternative to regular cardboard boxes, our Easycrates are the best solution to your packing and moving needs for both commercial moves. They are so easy to use but more importantly they are environmentally friendly and designed to last for years!  Eco-friendly and reusable after each relocation, we inspect, clean and sanitise the crates after each use. With no assembly needed, just pack and lock - and you’re ready to go! The fastest and easiest solution to tackle moving during restrictions!


Get your Easycrates delivered to your doorstep today!  When you’re done moving, we will promptly collect the crates from you - saving you time and space!

Whether you choose to hire a professional mover or move your office yourself, always stick to the solution that best suits your budget. We serve the needs of businesses and public sector organisations undertaking office moves, re-organisations, refurbishments or complete relocations. No matter the size of the move or budget, we have the right solution for you - and we offer both crate rental and outright purchase options.

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