Budget-Friendly Crate Hire Bundles In The UK

Budget-Friendly Crate Hire Bundles In The UK

Relocating, moving, downsizing, renovation, etc.? Contact Easycrate for a stress-free experience.

Travelling, relocating, moving, downsizing, preparing for a removal, renovation or extension? 

Easycrate is your trusted partner in providing durable and high quality plastic crate hire. 

We also offer bespoke relocation, project support, long-term commercial crate hire and budget-friendly self storage services, which cater to your specific requirements. 


Whatever you have in mind, Easycrate will help simplify the process, making it easy, fast, and simple.

  • Affordable

Hiring crates is not only cheaper than buying boxes or crates yourself, but it also saves you space. Simply return the crates to us when you’re done!

  • Durable

One of the strongest attributes of our crates is durability. Our crates protect your valuable goods in transit and against the weather.

  • Reusable

After the crates are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised, they can be reused until they reach the end of their product life. They can also be recycled - so it’s also environmentally-friendly.

  • Quick

Our crates are already ready to be used - they don’t need to be taped, folded and put together. Just open the lid, put your items in, close and you’re done.

  • Movable & stackable

With or without the lids, empty crates can be stacked on top of each other sturdily. When they’re full, they can be easily moved on trolleys or skates. 


If a company relocation or downsizing is on your business agenda, Easycrate is offering bundle discounts for large projects:

ECB1 - Up to 10 Staff
Includes; 40 x EC3 - Standard Lidded Crates and 10 x EC1 - Computer Lidded Crates. £98/week

ECB2 - 10-15 Staff
Includes; 60 x EC3 - Standard Lidded Crates and 15 x EC1 - Computer Lidded Crates. £168/week

ECB3 - Up to 25 Staff
Includes; 75 x EC3 - Standard Lidded Crates and 25 x EC1 - Computer Lidded Crates. £199/week

Order crates online in 3 quick steps, drop us an email or give us a call.

Not sure how many crates you need? No problem, let us help you. Contact us for a tailor-made quote now!

DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE for higher volumes!

For more information about Easycrate, please contact us or call us on 0800 027 2665. We will listen to your requirements and suggest the crate hire package to suit you perfectly. 

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