5 benefits of using a crate hire relocation specialist for your Home or Business moves.

5 benefits of using a crate hire relocation specialist for your Home or Business moves.

Moving home or office is so much easier with Easycrates!

Moving home or office can be an exciting experience with so much to look forward to but it can also be a very stressful time with so much logistical planning to do! The trick is to plan ahead and never leave it to the last minute! When it comes to moving, you have two main options; to move it yourself or to hire a removals company. Can’t decide? Let us help you.Here are 5 reasons why you should make the switch to Easycrate for your business and personal project requirements;

Here we list 5 reasons why using a crate hire relocation specialist service like ours is the way to go!

1.Strong and durable construction

Our Easycrates are made from robust plastic providing increased protection during transit. Designed for convenience, it is ready for use! Just open and pack.

2.Weatherproof and dust proof

When moving day arrives, it could be a hot sunny day or a pouring with rainy, but don’t worry! Our Easycrates offer superior protection for your household items or office items as they can withstand rain, dust and heat!

3.Integral lids and handles for convenience

Our Easycrates comes equipped with interlocking lids and easy grip handles making it convenient to be transported and stacked without any risks of damaging the contents inside!

4.Easy to securely seal and track

Worried about the privacy of your sensitive and confidential office documents? We offer tamper proof seals ensuring ultimate privacy and security of your belongings during transit.

5.Eco-friendly for the environment

You can help to cut down on landfill waste with Easycrates! Our reusable plastic crates offer a greener alternative as they can be recycled and have a longer lifecycle, reducing deforestation and carbon footprints.

With our extensive experience, in the crate hire industry, we can expertly recommend the right amount of Easycrate you require for your move. We offer a wide range of crate sizes and affordable rates from only 8p per day! Order your crates online in 3 quick steps or contact us to know more.

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