Easycrate is the perfect solution to your Summer Home Renovations and Extensions

Easycrate is the perfect solution to your Summer Home Renovations and Extensions

3 Things to Consider before Renovating your Home!

Are you contemplating a Summer Home Improvement? With the uncertainty of Brexit, perhaps you have decided against selling your home and instead invest in home improvements which you might have been considering over the last few years. Here are a few things to consider;

1. Which part to renovate?

Do you love to cook? Have you been dreaming of upgrading your kitchen or would you like to add another room to your home? Identify which section of your home you would like to renovate and determine your budget. Properly plan your renovations before knocking down those walls, or you may find yourself exceeding your budget!

2. How to store?

When home renovations are being carried out, how do you store your items to avoid damage? We have the perfect solution for you - our plastic hire crates are perfect for storing, moving and protecting your items. Just open, pack and close! Our Easycrates are stackable ensuring it takes up minimal space. Just order online and have your Easycrates delivered to your door!

3. Will it be longer than expected?

Although you may have a strict timeline in place for your renovation project, always add a little extra time into your schedule! More often than not, unforeseeable forecasts like rainy weather can put a hold on your renovation plans. Living in a prolonged state of clutter can affect your mood and productivity but it doesn’t have to be with Cube Self storage. Store your furniture, fixtures and personal belongings in our secure climate controlled storage facility, while renovations are ongoing. With our flexible storage plans, you can extend your storage period with us should the need arise.

What are you waiting for?

Start planning your summer home renovations and extensions using our eco-friendly Easycrates and store with us at our Cube Self Storage facility in Uckfield today.

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