Easycrate: Making Your Technology Removal or Relocation A Breeze

Easycrate: Making Your Technology Removal or Relocation A Breeze

Are you looking for sturdy packing crates that will make your technology relocation stress-free?

Easycrate provides reliable and cost-effective commercial crate hire to ensure business continuity when you need it most. With over 20 years of expertise in the relocation industry with our sturdy Easycrates, all your IT equipment such as printers, servers, laptops, computers, and desktop PCs will be safely and securely moved from one location to the other.

You’ll find our plastic computer crates are...

  • Affordable - A more budget-friendly option than purchasing your own boxes or crates
  • Reusable - Our removal crates are thoroughly sanitised after each use and are reused until they have reached the end of their product life cycle
  • Convenient - The crates don’t need to be folded, assembled, taped or put together. Simply open the lid, put the items in and you’re good to go
  • Movable & stackable - Quick and easy to be stacked and moved on skates or trolleys 

Here’s how Easycrate packing crates have helped clients by carefully handling the packing and relocation of computers, PCs and IT equipment;

>> https://www.edwardbaden.co.uk/case-studies/pax8/


Head over to our website to find out the best deals for plastic packing crates. We’re having special promos for Christmas and New Year - the more the quantity, the lower the price!

>> https://www.easycrate.co.uk/crate-hire-quote/computer-it-packing-crate/

If you’re unsure how much packing crates you’ll need, just contact or give our specialists a call on 01825 744630, we’re always happy to help!

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