Easycrate: Simply Perfect for Library Moves

Easycrate: Simply Perfect for Library Moves

The Smart & Easy Solution for Library Moves & Refurbishment

We have extensive experience working alongside libraries for relocation and renovation projects and our experience shows! Some of the libraries we have provided moving services for include; The British Library, University of East London, Ashburton Library, Medway Maritime Library and Hove Library.

Here’s why libraries in the UK choose Easycrate for their moves; 

  1. Safely Store and Move your Books

With our Easycrates you are able to safely store your books without the risk of ripped boxes. Our plastic hire crates are also easy to move and relocate when stacked together on a skate. Which is great, especially if you need to rearrange a large volume of books quickly. We can also provide crate labels to assist with keeping the books in sequential order during relocations.

  1. Our Expertise and Experience in Library Relocations
  • CASE STUDY: University of Brighton - St Peter's House Library

In 2018, St Peter’s House Library had a requirement for the relocation of its library book stock to our Cube Self Storage facility during refurbishments. The refurbishment involved the addition of further bookcases to accommodate the extra stock of books from other Brighton University campus libraries.

The project comprised of the packing of 2500 linear metres of library book stock into our Easycrates in sequential order, the removal of 532 bays of library racking, the retention of approximately 601 ninety centimetre shelving units, as well as the unpacking and re-shelving of the book stock onto new bookcases using the library’s Dewey Decimal Classification system.

Here at Easycrate, we aim to provide libraries and the rest of the education sector with the best possible value for money for all your temporary storage and moving needs.

If you have a project that you would like to discuss, please contact us or call us on 0800 027 2665.

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