Easycrates: The Best Solution for Facilities Managers

Easycrates: The Best Solution for Facilities Managers

Find out how Easycrate can help you better manage your facility!

Are you a facilities manager? It can be a handful managing and running day to day maintenance and upgrades for your premises while ensuring everything works harmoniously together. Meanwhile, meeting environmental targets and sticking to a rigid budget to make the facility a safe and positive place to work at for the employees and staff.

Organising Maintenance and Repairs of the Building and Premises

Moving premises to accommodate maintenance and repairs? This can prove to be a challenge both financially and logistically. Managing a varied and complex workload and problem-solving when things don’t go to plan.

Easycrates comes to the rescue!

We recommend to make effective use of our plastic hire crates to ease all your office maintenance works. Our crates are reusable plastic moving containers that have an integral lid and are available in a variety of sizes!

Here’s how we make Easycrates work for you:

  • Tell us your requirements.
  • Call us on 0800 027 2665
  • Our experienced team will recommend the right number and type of crates that best suits your needs.


‚óŹ Get your quote online in 3 quick steps:

  • Choose your Crates
  • Choose your crate moving equipment and extras
  • Enter your details

We will deliver the Easycrates at your convenience to integrate seamlessly into your facilities team. Rest assured, we have extensive experience in providing crates for estate management and based on expertise gained from working with our previous clients, we have specially tailored our Easycrate hire services to give you:

  • The best rates – We offer competitive hire rates and a price promise guarantee
  • Flexibility to suit you – We can increase or decrease the number of crates as you need
  • Reliability – Our experienced drivers and crate team will deliver the crates on schedule
  • Wide range – We supply a variety of hire crates and crate handling equipment
  • Accurate billing – No delays on the paperwork, every detail is accounted for
  • An expert team – Our team is on call to support you 7 days a week

What are you waiting for?

Start co-ordinating your organisation’s space and infrastructure with Easycrates!

Get your quote today.

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