Helping to keep information secure

Helping to keep information secure

How crates can be used to protect confidential data during relocation

With every office move, there are a number of factors to be considered. One such factor is the security of confidential data during your move – this can include company information such as finances or consumer information such as email addresses, purchase history and more. At Easycrate, we take confidentiality very seriously and have a number of ways in which we can help you keep data secure throughout your move.

Firstly we offer a number of reusable plastic crates which are perfect for keeping confidential files secure. If you have paper files or physical paperwork that holds secure information, our Meter Lidded Crate is ideal. This crate is the perfect size for holding your paperwork and features an integrated lid to ensure everything stays safely inside. For digitally stored files contained on disks or memory sticks, our Standard Lidded Crate is perfect as it is smaller in size and still includes a fixed lid. Where data is held on servers or hard drives, we recommend using a Roll Cage to move them. This allows the equipment to be easily moved without the need for physical lifting.

As well as a range of hire crates, we also offer security tags which are ideal for securely fastening crates and other items. These will need to be cut open to access your items so you can be assured that if the tags are in place, the contents have not been accessed.

Finally, at Easycrate we operate our own fleet of vehicles. All our drivers have been trained to understand the importance of data security.

If you would like further information on how to keep your information confidential during an office move or would like to know more about our crate hire service, please contact us.

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