Home Working is Here to Stay: Crates for Moving & Storage

Home Working is Here to Stay: Crates for Moving & Storage

Home Working is The New Norm. Here's How You Can Manage It.

According to a recent survey conducted by the Institute of Directors (IoD), businesses are likely to stick to working from home for the long term even after lockdown is lifted. Many business owners are realising the perks that come with working from home such as a boost to business efficiency (well-rested employees, less commute time ‘to and fro' the office) but even more importantly, reducing overhead costs - especially at a time like this.

A survey by The BBC revealed that even some of the UK’s biggest employers did not plan to fully return all of their employees to the office. Choosing to keep their office workers safely at home, now’s the perfect time for businesses to downsize and to reduce costs associated with large office space rentals.

We can help businesses through this transition, by providing our EASYCRATES for moving and storage needs:

  1. Deliver the office to your employees - With our robust Easycrates, we are able to seamlessly move office items and furniture to your employee's homes. We provide all the packing and moving services,  so you can just leave the hard work to us!
  2. Store office items and furniture until you need them next - Downsizing means having less space. Keep the remaining office space you have neat and tidy by packing under-utilised office equipment into our Easycrates for safekeeping. We offer a variety of sizes to fit your needs including our Computer Lidded Crates; specially made to pack, store and move desktop computers safely and efficiently.
  3. Transporting for environmentally friendly disposal - As you downsize, you will realise that there are files, furniture and belongings your business no longer needs and you might be unsure of how to dispose of them. Leave it to us, we provide sustainable re-use or environmentally friendly disposal service.

Cut down on those costly overheads today!

With home working here to stay... it's the ideal opportunity for your business to reduce costs of rental commitments so that you can re-channel your cash flow to where it’s needed most… and survive this pandemic.

To show our support to local commercial businesses, we are offering 20% off all our Easycrates!

Contact us or call 0800 027 2665 to enjoy this super saving offer.

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