How Easycrate works?

How Easycrate works?

We make your moving and storage experience safe, easy and green.

Wondering how to protect your valuable and fragile items when moving or in store while at the same time being environmentally friendly? Look no further because Easycrate has the ultimate solution for you.

how easycrate works

1. What is Easycrate?
Easycrate is an exceptional crate hire service that specialises in providing robust, high-quality crates and professional removal equipment. Our team has extensive experience in delivering a bespoke crate hire service tailored to your requirements — from the types of crates that perfectly match your needs, to the specialised equipment that will make moving your items safer and easier. At Easycrate we strive to ensure the process of hiring crates is stress free and easy.

2. Why Easycrate?
At Easycrate we know that plastic crates are the environmentally friendly solution for packing and carriage. Compared to single-use cardboard boxes Easycrate’s crates can be used multiple times in a variety of circumstances over their long twenty year life. Cardboard boxes are made of wood pulp that can come from deforestation and the loss of habitat for wildlife. Even using recycled paper and card is not the answer as its manufacture has a high carbon footprint and uses a mix of toxic chemicals.

Easycrate crates come in a variety of sizes and are made of high quality, durable polypropylene plastic. They have an integral lid which makes them weatherproof and sturdy. The lids can be interlocked, which allows the crates to be closed, sealed and stacked on top of each other - saving space and providing security where they are stored or when being moved. This reduces movements during removals and makes it easy to organise them in your store or vehicle. And hiring crates is highly affordable. At a low charge of 8 pence per day crates are a cheaper alternative to buying boxes and crates.

3. Who uses crates?
The answer is everyone who needs a smart, low cost, green solution to moving and storing their valuable items. At Easycrate we provide crates for a wide range of commercial and domestic projects, planned moves and ongoing contracts. Also, we have worked with various companies and organisations including removal companies, universities, interior designers, refurbishment and fit-out companies, facilities and property managers, as well as museums, libraries, private collections and art galleries. With all this experience we can offer the tailor made solutions to make your projects, storage and planned moves convenient and easy.

4. How to order Crates and Equipment from Easycrate?
You can order your crates online by:

i. Choosing your crates — you can specify the number of crates you need choosing from server, computer, personal, standard or metre crates.

ii. Choosing your moving equipment and materials— add skates, sack barrows, security seals, crate labels, bubble wrap, protective covers for monitors and antistatic bags for all electronic items.

iii. Enter you details — complete the on-line form and we will be in touch shortly to confirm the details, discuss your options and give you the best crate hire rates.

Or chat with us about how Easycrate can work for you on 0800 027 2665.

Need more information? Contact us today to discuss your crate hire and moving requirements.

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