Phased Re-Opening of Schools! Support Government Guidelines with our Plastic Crate Hire for Schools

Phased Re-Opening of Schools! Support Government Guidelines with our Plastic Crate Hire for Schools

Have you taken the necessary steps and preventive measures in your education and childcare settings?

These are challenging times, with great measures put in place to reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and to keep everyone safe. As we have now past the peak of the virus, the Government has set out a recovery strategy. As part of the strategy, they have announced from the week commencing 1st June, the phased return of children to nurseries, schools and colleges.

Government guidance on implementing protective measures in education and childcare settings

Amongst other key steps laid out in the attached document they have advised;

  1. Planning and Organising

Schools are encouraged to organise small class groups, maintain a good distance of space between seats and desks where possible, stagger assembly groups, stagger break times and to stagger drop-off and collection times to minimise adult to adult contact.

  1. Cleaning and Storing of Excess Educational Toys

In addition, childcare settings or early years groups in schools should consider how educational toys and play equipment are used ensuring it is appropriately cleaned between groups of children using it, and that multiple groups do not use it at the same time.

Additionally, removing unnecessary items from classrooms and other learning environments where there is space to store it elsewhere as well as removing soft furnishings, soft toys and toys which are hard to clean (such as those with intricate parts)


Our Easycrates are perfect for all your storage requirements. Moreover, our plastic hire crates are lockable ensuring extra security especially where children are involved!

We understand the urgency to get everything ready and prepared before the 1st of June and we are able to deliver our Easycrates to you at your earliest convenience. Rest assured, our Easycrates are inspected, cleaned and sanitised after every use!

Simply head over to our website to Order your crates online in just 3 simple steps and have it delivered to your school’s doorstep.

Easycrate is here to provide the education sector with a comprehensive plastic crate hire service and optional storage solutions in support of government guidelines.

Here’s a list of reasons why we make the best storage solution for your needs during these unprecedented times.

  1. We offer unbeatable value for money - plastic crate hire from only 6p per crate per day!
  2. Great payment terms available
  3. Our Easycrates are environmentally friendly
  4. As an added service, we can also offer optional storage services

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