Saving Is Easy With Easycrate

Saving Is Easy With Easycrate

Cost savings are high on the agenda as the cost of living crisis continues in the UK.

For businesses that are feeling the effects of a weakened economy and want to downsize or relocate to cut down on costly overheads, choosing Easycrate as your plastic crate hire supplier during your relocation project is a smart (and cost effective) move.

Easycrates can save you time, money and stress during the packing process.

Here’s how Easycrate can help;

Competitive crate hire rates

As a single point of contact, we provide a combination of professional relocation service (Edward Baden), commercial storage solutions (Cube Self Storage) and plastic crate hire (Easycrate) at a competitive price. 

Our latest offer can help you save ££s on your office move: Get 1 Week's Free* Easycrate Hire When You Book An Edward Baden Relocation

Flexibility and reusability

One of the most noticeable perks of our Easycrates is the durability of our high quality robust plastic. They are the perfect solution for all of your needs, whether storing or moving; and there’s no assembly needed with the interlocking lids. Just open and close! Simple. 

In addition, our plastic crates are extremely useful for protecting your valuable items against harmful environmental factors such as humidity, heat, mould, etc. They can also be reused countless times. After a thorough sanitation, they’ll be good as new. 

We can also offer crate moving equipment and extras, such as; 

  • Library Trolleys
  • Sack Barrows
  • Secure Roll Cages
  • Rubber Topped Skates
  • Computer Screen Covers
  • Security Seals
  • Crate Labels

Excellent customer service

Our friendly team are ready and waiting to answer all of your questions. 

Not sure how many crates you need? No problem! Contact us or call us on 0808 506 9507. We can build a crate hire package that suits your requirements perfectly.

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