Storage Boxes - A Smart Choice To Simplify Your Move

Storage Boxes - A Smart Choice To Simplify Your Move

Good quality storage boxes can be extremely helpful during a house move, business removal or office relocation.

The convenience, durability and affordability of our removal plastic crates - Easycrate will surely turn the relocation into a smooth and hassle-free experience.  

Looking for plastic storage boxes? EasyCrate is your #1 choice

  • Strong and durable
  • Can be reused hundreds of time
  • Eco-friendly due to their reusability
  • Waterproof
  • Stackable
  • Movable
  • Convenient, don’t need to folded, put together or taped
  • Come in different sizes
  • Customised packing crates for your office computers and IT equipment 

Easycrate offers affordable and high quality storage boxes for small and large scale projects, ongoing moves or planned contracts. Our team of specialists are dedicated, flexible and creative, ready to assist you whenever you need us. With over 25 years of expertise under our belts, we have seamlessly taken care of relocation projects for companies, schools, universities, offices, and some of the foremost museums. Find out if Easycrate is a good match for you. 

Crate Delivery & Collection At Your Fingertips

With a range of specialist trucks, experienced drivers and trained delivery team, we also provide crate hire delivery and collection. Upon request, our delivery service gives you:

  • Flexible delivery times that fit with your schedule, starting from early morning to after work hours
  • Clean and ready to use crates, stacked to conserve as much floor space as possible
  • A team of expert porters and drivers at your disposal
  • Notice of imminent arrival as your request

If you want to know more about Easycrate’s delivery and collection charges, talk to our specialists today.  

We do more than just crate hire!

Alongside providing excellent plastic storage boxes, here at Easycrate,  we also offer professional packing and relocation services. We know that in order for our service to be effective, everything needs to be secure, reliable and managed to the last detail. That’s why we operate as a one-stop provider, catering from crate hire, delivery, professional packing to relocation services. There is simply no aspect of your move left unattended. 

For more information about Easycrate, please contact us or call us on 01825 744630. 

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