Stress Free - UK Wide - Crate Hire

Stress Free - UK Wide - Crate Hire

The fast and easy way to hire moving crates during Lockdown!


As of January, the UK entered into a third nationwide lockdown with restrictions likely to last well into the year. We are still operating as usual during this period and understand your worries and concern about moving during the current climate. Currently, under the latest restrictions, moving IS still permissible for homes and businesses in the UK.

Even in lockdown, the property markets remain the busiest they’ve been in a long time, with many keen on moving home and offices, despite the pandemic.

We asked some of our customers and they shared their reasons for a recent move:

More Space At Home
After spending more time at home, they’ve realised the need for more space at home to comfortably accommodate the whole family.

Downsizing Businesses
With the uncertainty of the pandemic, many businesses are finding ways to cut down on costs and downsizing commercial space.

Relocating Closer To Loved Ones
Many are also moving closer to loved ones for support, or to the outskirts of cities as rental fees are cheaper.



At Easycrate we make sure that hiring crates is as simple and hassle free as possible. You can order crates from us online, over the phone or by dropping us an email.



Order your crates in just 3 quick steps:

Step 1: Choose your Crates 
Choose from our range of computer, standard or metre crates and specify the number of crates you would like to hire.

Step 2: Choose your crate moving equipment and extras 
We also offer useful extras such as security seals, crate labels or computer covers for your laptop screen.

Step 3: Enter your details 
Leave us your contact details and we’ll  be in touch shortly.

Hire your lidded crates to help you pack, move and store your office or home easily! Saving you time, money and stress when packing.

Not sure how many crates you need? No problem, we can help! Contact us or call Graham on 0800 027 2665. We can build a crate hire package that suits your requirements perfectly.

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