Switching to plastic crates is the eco-friendly option!

Switching to plastic crates is the eco-friendly option!

Easycrates, your eco-friendly alternative to cardboard boxes.

Historically, cardboard boxes have been the go-to option for storing and moving! Though lightweight and easy to obtain - cardboard is actually just heavy forms of paper, which is why it has a low water resistance and can be easily ripped apart when it comes into contact with water.

Why not make the switch to a greener alternative?

  • Our Easycrates!

Made from top quality sturdy plastic designed to last for many years, our strong and durable plastic hire crates are built to have minimum impact on the environment and designed to be used a hundred times over!

After each relocation, we will inspect, clean and sanitise the crates for our next customer - prolonging the lifespan of our crates and getting the maximum use out of each plastic hire crate.  It can then be recycled when they can no longer be used.

With Easycrate, you’re one step closer to saving the environment and making the world a greener, better place.

As the saying goes “Recycling is good, but reusing is better.” 

What are you waiting for?

Contact Us to make the switch to Easycrates today!

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