The Benefits of Reusable Crate Hire

The Benefits of Reusable Crate Hire

A look at the benefits of reusable crate hire over buying plastic crates or using packing boxes for your move.

Firstly, the main benefit of hiring reusable plastic crates is that they are much better for the environment than cardboard boxes. Cardboard is ultimately made of paper which means mass deforestation and the loss of important habitat for wildlife. By hiring plastic office crates, you are helping your business’s green credentials as well as saving the environment.

Renting plastic moving crates is also a lot more cost effective than buying your own crates for your office move. If you are planning on buying plastic crates, you would have the high initial cost for outlay as well as the on-going storage issue. After all, you don’t want obsolete plastic crates taking up valuable storage space within your premises after your move. At EasyCrate, once your move is over and you no longer have a need for the crates, we take them away for you.

Another benefit of hiring plastic crates is that they are much more convenient to use than cardboard boxes. Once a cardboard box has been loaded with items, the bottom of the box can start to sag or even give way which could cause problems during your move. Cardboard will also offer very little protection to the items inside, leading to damage during your move. However a rigid reusable crate will offer more protection to the contents inside.

Obviously there are many more benefits to crate hire too. If you would like to discuss if they are right for your office move, please contact us.

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