The Easycrate Guide to Plastic Crate Hire

The Easycrate Guide to Plastic Crate Hire

All you need to know about ordering your Easycrate!

At Easycrate, we specialise in combining our convenient range of durable, high quality crates and crate moving equipment with our extensive experience in creating bespoke crate hire packages.

Book your Easycrate today on our website with 3 easy steps:

• Step 1: Choose your Crates

We offer a variety of crate to fit your needs!

o EC3 - Standard Lidded Crate (L:635×W:410×H:325mm)

o EC6 - Metre Lidded Crate (L:1050×W:425×H:340mm)

o EC1 - Computer Lidded Crate (L:635×W:535×H:590mm)

• Step 2: Choose your Extras

Supplement your crate hire move with crate moving equipment and extras.

o Library Trolley

o Sack Barrow

o Secure Roll Cage

o Rubber Topped Skate

o Computer Screen Cover

o Security Seals

o Crate Labels

• Step 3: Leave your Contact Details

Share with us the following details:

o Contact Details

o Duration of Crate Rental

As soon as we receive your request, we will come up with a bespoke quotation for you and be in touch!

What are you waiting for? Get your quote today or contact us to find out more about Easycrates!


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