What Are Plastic Crates Best Used For?

What Are Plastic Crates Best Used For?

With Easycrate, your move should feel like a breeze without breaking the bank.

Plastic crates are one of the most efficient and convenient ways to store and transport a variety of commodities from one location to another. 

Here’s how Easycrate is the perfect fit for all your removal and relocation projects

1. Our plastic crates are sturdy, reusable and have a wide range of sizes perfect for housing all your valuables

From standard crate sizes for books, documents, machine and equipment to specialised covers for computer screens, PCs and keyboards, we’ve got everything covered!

2. Unlike other plastic crates, our Easycrate is extremely easy to use and requires no assembling

Just open the lid, put your items in, close it and everything is ready to be transported! 

3. The removal crates will ensure that your items are safe and secure during the entire transportation process

The crates are easily movable on skates or trolleys when they are full. If empty, the lids open to allow stacking, saving space when you store them. 

4. Best of all, we do more than just crate hire!

From professional packing, climate-controlled storage to moving your office, we are your trusted single point of contact with over 25 years of experience in the relocation industry. Whether it’s moving a museum, hotel, office, company, laboratory, or school, we have the expertise in different industries, guaranteeing that no aspect of your move will be left unattended. Take a look at how clients in different industries are highly satisfied with our work in previous relocation and removal projects.
Our experienced specialists, affordable, sturdy plastic crates, professional tools, and most importantly, our dedication is what differentiates us from other service providers. Give us a call today on 01825 744630 and enjoy the best moving experience!

5. Big promotions to save some ££s

With each Edward Baden relocation project booked, you get 1 WEEK FREE* Easycrate hire. That is an offer worth considering if you’re looking for ways to trim down the cost of moving from one location to another. Additionally, we offer generous discounts for larger volumes and projects. Please contact us for more information. 

If you’re not sure how many plastic crates you need, or which one suits your items best, talk to our specialists today on 01825 744630 and get the best offer in the UK.
Not sure how to start with your removal or relocation project? We’ll be more than happy to assist you. Give us a call now and let us make your moving a breeze.

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