Why Easycrate

Why Easycrate

Easy Crate Hire

Easycrate offers a useful and reliable choice for when you need to move items safely. Environmentally friendly and durable, they offer you peace of mind that your items have the best possible protection. So from your firm’s IT assets to your children’s soft toy collection, you can rest assured that your items are safe and secure. Other than our stellar sevice with hiring crates, you'll find our crates:

  • Affordable – hiring crates is cheaper alternative to buying boxes or crates yourself
  • Reusable – our crates are cleaned after each use, so they can be reused until they reach the end of their product life, and they can be recycled
  • Safe – the crates can be sealed with tamper proof seals and are sturdy to protect items in transit
  • Quick – crates don’t need to folded, put together or taped. Simply open the lid and pack items
  • Movable – the crates can be moved on skates or trolleys easily when they are full
  • Stackable – the lids open to allow for stacking when empty, saving space when you store them

For more information about Easycrate, please contact us or call us on 0800 027 2665.

Look how difficult this simple task can be using boxes... The solution? Find the benefit of using EasyCrate.