Delivery & Collection

Precise & Reliable

Crate Delivery & Collection

The delivery and collection of crates are vital parts of the crate hire process. At Easycrate, we know that for our hire service to be effective it needs to be reliable, secure and managed to the last detail.

We have our own range of specialist trucks that we use, and our drivers and delivery team have been trained in all aspects of safe handling and transport. This means that not only will your crates be where you need them, when you need them but our team will ensure that the crates are delivered in impeccable condition, ready to be used.

Our crate delivery service gives you:

  • Clean, ready to use crates, stacked to take up minimum floor space
  • Time slots that start from early morning to after work hours to fit with your schedule
  • Our team of expert drivers and porters at your disposal
  • A reliable and convenient service - our team can give notice of their imminent arrival as your require

When the hire period is complete, your crates will be collected promptly to minimise any inconvenience of them staying around when you no longer need them.

To find out more about the charges for delivery and collections, please contact us or call us on 0800 027 2668.