Legal Responsibility

It's the Law

Say NO to Packaging Waste

Plastic hire crates are classified under Returnable Transit Packaging Solutions. This means that by hiring plastic crates businesses can take advantage of significant cost savings whilst simultaneously adhering to legislative requirements such as the Packaging Waste Directive.

Plastic crates can be used over and over again, making them far more versatile than single trip packaging materials such as cardboard boxes. The crates are delivered directly to your door where they can be packed and used as required.  After use we will collect and clean them, and then they are ready to be used again.

Our plastic crate RTP solutions offer you the following advantages over single use packaging:

  • Reduction in packaging manufacture, management and disposal costs
  • Long term savings as the crates can be used multiple times
  • Causes less landfill and deforestation
  • More hygienic as can be cleansed and sterilised
  • Easily stackable for transport  and movement
  • Can be secured and traced
  • Can withstand exposure to the elements and constant handling

To find out more about our RTP solutions please contact us or call us on 0800 027 2665.