Exhibitions & Conventions

Multi-Purpose Solution

for Exhibitions & Conventions

Throughout the year there are many events and shows, from design to product innovations, education to motoring and technology, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors from not just across the country but also from all across the globe. For exhibitors, the chance to showcase your offering is a key opportunity, but transporting your goods around the country to each convention or exhibition can be a packing and logistical nightmare.

At Easycrate, we understand the importance of making the process as easy as possible and at the same time, ensuring your exhibits reaches each exhibition in perfect condition. We guarantee that peace of mind with our range of hardwearing and secure plastic storage crates. We also provide moving equipment so you can transport your packed crates easily, manoeuvring them through the lifts and tight spaces that you need to get to in order to reach your stand.

Why Our Crates Are Ideal For Exhibitors:

  • Stackable so can be easily packed behind your stand
  • Our crates can double as presentation cases at the exhibition itself
  • Our easy crates can be labelled by colour so you can pack goods per exhibition
  • Crates be sealed and tracked using our security seals for added protection
  • Our hardwearing plastic crates provides durable protection for your goods in transit  
  • We offer range of crate sizes to suit your needs, up to a metre in size for bulkier items

Crate Hire for Road Shows

Road shows require exact timing, organisation and attention to detail. Our easy crate hire service is perfectly suited to making road shows more effective because:

  • We can time our collections or deliveries according to your schedule
  • We can deliver and collect the crates from locations nationwide
  • We can change the number of crates as you require
  • We offer moving equipment to help you move the crates around your venue

To find out more please contact us or call us on 0800 027 2668.